Preparation is the Key

We scrape and sand any loose and peeling paint.

All shrubs, plants, and flowers are protected from paint spatters and paint chips with tarp.

All loose, peeling paint is scraped and sanded to ensure the remaining paint is sound and tight

Bare areas are coated with a high-quality primer to ensure a long life for your paint job.

All loose nails are re-nailed. Nail and knot holes in trim and siding are puttied

Areas around windows, door jams, cornice, moldings, ect. are caulked to seal out moisture.


Before Painting, we mask off all windows, glass doors and non-paintable areas to protect them.  Your home is painted with top of the line paints:  Sherman Williams, Pittsburgh Paints, Benjamin Moor, MoorGard or Diamond Vogel.


In Preparation for Painting


Where can the painters leave paint and ladders at night?

Where should the painters park?

What hours can the painters be onsite?

Do you have any pets?  How can they be protected with the painters onsite?


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